About us

Belmont Industriemontage Ltd. is part of an international active engineering and service enterprise. With the technological expertise and experience of its employees, the company offerscustomized services for industrial facilities. Belmont core competencies lie in the execution of boiler inspections and pipeline installations as well the installation, maintenance and modernization of equipmentfor the industrial sectors. We thereby operate across industries such as the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical, chemical, power generation industry.

An abstract of our services:

  • Consulting

  • Engineering

  • Project management

  • Piping and component construction and manufacturing

  • Component installation and plant assembly

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Process engineering

  • Corrosion protection (Coating)

Since the founding of the company in 2005 our staff has and is growing constantly and we have currently exceeded the total of more than 150 employees enterprise-wide. This enables us to draw from a diversified assembly staff consisting of site supervisors, welding specialists, specialized welders, pipe-fitters and fitters.

Our staff consists of internationally experienced, qualified and motivated employees, available for the supervision as well as the maintenance of conventionalinstallations. We offer a unique combination of engineering expertise merged with service mentality. High quality aspirations, technological competency and extensive experience are the foundations of our success. Influenced by the attitude of “German engineering”, we canmaster challenging tasks and provide individual and sustainable solutions and results. Consequently, our customers can focus on their core business. We have the highest standards of occupational safety, environmental protection and quality.



  • Power plants  

  • Rafineries 

  • Conventional construction sites

  • Petrochemichal constructions                                


  • Foreman - leading fitters 

  • Welder of all kinds

  • Adjuster based on isometric guidelines

  • Fitters 

  • Pipe fitters

  • Mechanic fitters 

  • Steel construction workers 


  • Disassembly and assembly works of all kind

  • Maintenance and repair/services

  • Piping, plant and steel constructions

  • Welding of high pressure pipes


We are looking for qualified personnel in the following sectors of:

-Welders with TÜV-examination certificate of all material groups


-Upper fitters

-Adjuster based on isometric guidlines

-Locksmiths/metalworkers of all kinds

If we have arousen your interest with the job descriptions,please send a written application by email or by post .We will contact you as soon as possible.

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