Borsig GmbH

Berlin (Borsig Gelände -Werkstatt)

Since 1991 several pipe bending (boiler spares) have been carried out (domestic / foreign) in Libya, Saudi Arabia, South America, Venezuela, etc. successfully.


Polimeri Europa (Italien)

Execution of repair work on the quench cooler.

Electrabel S.A.

KW Gent (Belgien)

Steel assembly: manufacturing and assembly of secondary supports

EnBW Rheinhafen

DKW Karlsruhe

Welding work on high-pressure piping and associated support (feed water system, steam system, HZUE steam line). Installation of high-pressure lines and associated support.

E.ON Anlagenservice GmbH

KW Datteln Neubau

Installation of high-pressure lines and associated support.

E.ON Benelux

KW Maasvlatke (Niederlande)

Pipe assembly of subsystems.

GKK Kiel, GKH Hannover

KW Weiher III

Various inspection/revisions, repair and reconstruction works carried out on the boiler

KW Salzgitter

Sole responsibility for production and assembly of blow-out and heating cables and brackets.

KW Fenne, KW Bexbach, KW Endsdorf, KW Essent

In the power plants Fenne, Bexbach, Endsdorf (Saarlouis) and Essent (Netherlands) the following works have been carried out upon consultation: the applicable welding work on pipes, mounting brackets, replacing the hot reheat piping, installation of circulation pipes and fabrication, installation of secondary steel.

Papierfabrik Plattling

Pipeline installation and fabrication and installation of brackets.


KW Eemshaven (Niederlande)

Implementation of relevant assembly work for the A0PGB intermediate cooling water system, A0-hopper system including the A0 Funnel drain pipes, and pipe assembly for subsystems.


Pipe installation of condenser cooling water pipe in the turbine building.


KW Neurath: Block A/D/G/F

Sole responsibility for pipeline installation (eg LCA, MAG systems), inter alia at the superheater: perform services in changing of the oil supply to the turbine and retrofitting of supports for fire protection walls. Inspection and repair work on the boiler: Funnel and reheaters with supporting tubes.


KW Niederaußem

Various inspection and repair work have been carried out on the boiler and the condenser and the cooling water pipe running. Renewal of injection pipelines


KW Weisweiler: Block G/F

Various inspection work have been carried out on the boiler pressure part in the blocks G and F.


KW Westfalen Hamm

Pipe assembly of subsystems LCM block E. Manufacturing and installation of secondary steel.

Stadtwerke München GmbH

HKW Nord

Revision work on the steam generator: Installation of heating surfaces (superheater 1-3) for the waste-fired steam generators of the line 12.

Vattenfall AG

KW Boxberg

Disassembly and Assembly of the combustion air supply channel between the torch and mill.

VW-Kraftwerk Wolfsburg

KW West/KW Nord

Disassembly / reassembly performed on the coal mills and other inspection and repair works on the boiler.

Werk Wesseling

Replacing the HP piping based on isometrics . Manufacturing and installation of secondary steel.